Backup & Disaster Recovery as a Service

Not to be unprepared if a disaster strikes


We can offer powerful solutions, easy-to-use, accessible and specifically designed for virtualization and the cloud environment perfect for modern data centers. Managing your Infrastructure without the risk of loss of data means to ensure the company Business Continuity in total tranquillity and safety. The solution aim to reduce the cost of Handling and load Safety of all the companies focused on keeping their own business functions constantly active and working. Cutting down costs by maximizing efficiency is the core of our Products, in order to avoid any kind of risk for your Data. Cloud Connect B/R is an enabling technology that allows you to easily create and use off-site Repository for your backups and implement the Disaster Recovery (DR) in the Cloud in a fast, reliable and secure way. Cloud Connect BaaS (Backup as a Service)

allows customers to easily expand their Backup infrastructure in the Cloud. Cloud Connect DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) 

improves the availability of modern data centers by leveraging replication technologies, creating off-site copies of virtual machines (VMs) in the Cloud. Cloud Connect B/R Solution is easy to use and simple to configure thanks to the connectivity: all the traffic is managed on a single TCP port and protected by a secure and reliable SSL/TLS connection between the Client and the DRaaS provider. All information is encapsulated in a single tunnel that is used for traffic to manage replicas, actual data transfers of VMs and even communication between VMs during partial failovers. Once the connection is established, no additional network configuration will be required.

The solution is based on Microsoft Hyper-v, VMware vSphere and Hybrid infrastructure: Microsoft & VMware.

Both the Client and Service Provider.

The quality of the Service also lies in the total and complete support from our team.
The Cloud Specialists of are experts in dealing with and preventing any kind of risk for your data.

Business in Cloud


The Telephone Support service is ensured through a dedicated toll-free Number, with answering times that depend on the Level of Service selected:


  • GOLD: fully operational for 24 h a day, 7 days a week, Sundays and holidays included.
  • SILVER: from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00; technical intervention within 4 hours from the call.
  • BRONZE: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00; technical intervention within the following working day.


The Help Desk receives, discriminates and sorts out calls, checks the progress of the solution as well as the management of the activity notification and/or communication of events related to the services, systems, and corporate infrastructure.


It recognizes whether the operational impact of the reported issue is concerned with:


  • Anomalies of the Hardware systems at the Customer
  • Malfunctions of the developed Software (bugs)


The Help Desk service can receive reports of problems from 4 different sources

  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • The Web


Upon receiving the report, a Trouble Ticket is immediately opened, and the calls are directed to the qualified structures where highly skilled technical teams operate.


Our system’s objectives are the following:


  • To track the reports of the Customer’s problems
  • To support the exchange of information between the monitoring system (the structure of the Network Operating Center in general) and the Help Desk system
  • To monitor the Service Level Agreement provided in terms of the duration of the problem and the resolution time of the same.


Moreover, the reports and the interventions are classified and stored starting from the time of identification of the problem, and are dynamically completed with the relevant information.


365 days/year and 24 h/day for taking calls in case of breakdowns that completely block the service provided.


The customer service on the part of may be supplied in the remote connection Teleservice mode by means of a special support Software.


Telecare ensures speed and accuracy of the interventions due to the direct access to the involved computer in the assistance operation.


Requests for technical assistance must be submitted via phone call or email.


Requests for the configuration modification must be forwarded via fax or certified e-mail.


For each reporting, the Authority will provide:


  • the name and contact references of the person who opens the ticket
  • the reason for the call and the level of severity of the same (block, partial block,non-blocking malfunction, degradation, improvement)
  • the device in need of intervention or the part of the system where you report the fault or defect

For each message, the Call Center communicates to the staff that opened the report an identification number (ticket) of the call which will be indicated in all communications and transactions directly related to the call itself.


After the malfunction and/or intervention is solved, you will be informed about the successful settlement of the file.


Sending just a e-mail to from one of the enabled accounts you may automatically open a Ticket and receive an automatic confirmation of a positive opening of your file.


The intervention report will show:


  • Ticket number
  • Date and time of the request for intervention/reporting
  • The name of the operator who has opened the ticket
  • Reason for intervention/reporting
  • Subject of the Intervention
  • Date and time of the intervention
  • Date and time of the ticket closure
  • The cause (when confirmed) that have caused the trouble or defect and the corrective actions taken (replacement of the device/routing change/etc)
  • The status of the request processing
  • The Customer may perform searches on the tickets in progress or closed, and print the related reports through a dedicated on-line tool.