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Infrastructure and Engineering for Innovation

Digital Transformation is fundamental when business and market evolve ever more quickly. The drivers of competitiveness are founded on the technological infrastructure that is the backbone for the most advanced business models. The priority issues in the approach to Digital Transformation, along with the constantly evolving regulatory compliance referred to Security, together with the certainty of access to one’s own data from any kind of device and under any circumstances, requires the management of risks and the guarantee of business continuity that only a highly qualified partner can offer today. Moreover, the availability of infrastructure based on real business requirements and the ability to grow according to one’s own needs are further constrains to be considered.

MISSION core mission is to assist organizations in the process of innovation and development of smart solutions. is a reliable partner and an enabler of integrated IT infrastructures. has in its portfolio a complete set of apps and solutions that evolve from Data Center Safety to the protection of sensitive data in compliance with GDPR Regulation. Broadband connectivity, Unified Communication, Intelligent Networks and Smart IOT Solutions complete the Ecosystem. is the desirable partner to prepare, design, plan and implement your digital transformation.

VISION is designing today the “Smart” services of tomorrow. IOT based solutions and projects focusing primarily on Smart Farming, Smart Mobility and Intelligent Transportation System will make simpler, more secure and efficient human experiences in relationship with technologies and their own life.

OUR VALUES is committed to continuously working on innovation and excellence of its solutions and services, to improve its competitive positioning. We are business focused, trying to improve the quality and to match customer expectations and to provide them with the highest value. is dedicated to consistently delivering exceptional results, which seeks with passion, positivity and perseverance. Central to us is creating a culture of integrity, fairness and responsibility, that leads people to work together efficiently and in good humor.

AIM is the best partner of your business today and tomorrow, it helps you to grow and to support your processes according to real needs and in a scalable way. creates customized solutions to enhance the business network and unify all of the systems with a high know-how on safety.