Digital Transformation

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A Digital Transformation 4.0 journey includes a profound transformation of activities, processes, skills, business and organizational models using the opportunities of digital technologies. works to create innovative and agile organizations, implementing digital transformation strategies. We design roadmaps to transform companies into people-oriented, innovative, customer-centric businesses. follows the Digital Transformation three Ps:


Before an organization can transform itself digitally, its employees must transform. The roles must be clear, the skills covered.


What is really important today is the customer experience. Digital transformation has an impact on products and the experience that surrounds them.


Digital transformation does not happen all at once. The process that drives the transformation must be balanced with the maturity of the technologies implemented by the company and the ability of its people to understand and use the new digital tools.

Without a secure and reliable network no digital transformation process can take place.


The steps we consider necessary to operate the digital transformation are the following:


  • Effective analysis of the requirements
  • Understanding of customers’ requests and needs
  • Identification of the so-called “Customer Touch Points”
  • Identification of the KPIs of the Digital Transformation process
  • Re-designing the way of doing business in a multichannel or omnichannel “Ominichannel” perspective
  • Digitization of processes (in a coherent and balanced way)
  • Performance measurement


Today, many entrepreneurs, especially family business, are tempted to conduct their activities as usual. In a digital interconnected and fast world, this is no longer possible. Philip Kotler, speaks of two types of companies: those that change and those that disappear!

The process of change is therefore essential!


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