FTTH Fiber Business

Performance and value for your company

Our customers know we can provides to them:

Faster connection and browsing: up to 10 times compared to traditional SHDSL and Fiber connection, with no broadband dispersion and very low latency for high level performance.

Inimitable Security: your data travel on a dedicated network, no shared with other services. This means you have security and reactivity such as a corporate internal network.




  • Unlimited Internet Traffic
  • Maximum Cell Rate
  • L2 Network
  • Vlan dedicated in Ultra Wide Band
  • Direct link to MIX in Milan and to Sicily Hub in Palermo
  • Static IP address optional
  • Customized Support in 3 rings
  • Fiber 1 Gbps - 39,90 €/m

    • SPEED
      Up to a 1 Gb/s in download
      Up to 1 Gb/s in upload
    • MCR
      100%, up to 1Gbps