Consortium Plemmirio

Renewal of network infrastructure and security


The Plemmirio Consortium extends a few kilometers south of the city of Syracuse and is a protected marine area. This is spread over a perimeter of 14.35 km of coastline, with an area of 2.429 hectares of protected sea.



The Consortium possessed an obsolete network and storage infrastructure, an unsatisfactory security system and needed a connection with the Port Authority of Syracuse, to make the control of the seabed belonging to the marine protected area more efficient.



We developed several projects aimed at upgrading network infrastructure, thanks to Cisco devices (Switch 3750V2) and the use of a Cisco firewall (Next Generation ASA 5512-CX). We also used Cisco Meraki Access Point MR 18 and created a radio link to the Port Authority of Syracuse. The Milestone suite was chosen as a video surveillance system management software and created a client for the Port Authority. We also modernized the server and storage infrastructure, thanks to ExpressPod, which combines processing, networking, management, virtualization and storage access into a single integrated architecture.



More efficient control of protected seabeds thanks to:


Integration with the Port Authority;
Timely response to active alarms;
Constant access to video recordings of critical situations;
Ease of navigation between cameras installed on a large geographical area;
Proactive simultaneous monitoring of multiple cameras;
Multiple users connected to the system with different login credentials;
Accessibility from any computer or mobile device.