Data Center based on Cisco Flexpod®


Elabora, a consulting company specialized in providing services to the cooperatives belonging to the Confcooperative system and to small and medium-sized enterprises operating throughout Italy.


Elabora started from the request to be faster in the development of projects and in the supply of resources to the system.


T.net has thought of Cisco’s FlexPod solution, which is a fully software-defined Data center (hardware control and configuration are implemented and maintained by intelligent software systems). It is a Cloud platform that gives great flexibility, scalability and security in the management of Confcooperative IT resources. The entire Cloud infrastructure has been transferred to the T.net Data center in Milan-Caldera.


The adoption of cloud technologies for the management of the technological component has enabled a service potential 20 times higher than the previous “in house” management.


“Thanks to T.net we are much more flexible in the production of services to our users of the Confederal network and we now have the opportunity to exploit a large potential to provide Cloud services and private Clouds of Confcooperative to member cooperatives.”

Vincenzo Marino, General Manager of Elabora.