Internet coverage on solar fields


Guascor is a pioneer in the movement for sustainable solutions and has been developing renewable energy for over 40 years. It provides large-scale energy solutions based on renewable energy and energy supply. Guascor is also a leader in the supply of diesel and gas engines.



The company’s need was to guarantee Internet connection to the two solar fields located in the province of Ragusa.


SOLUTIONS has been involved in the design, construction and supply of the Internet connection, through Hiperlan systems and not only, using Cisco and Alvarion solutions.
In particular, 5.4 Ghz hiperlan wireless links have been created to establish 2M bandwidth SHDSL connections guaranteed between the Monte Bonifato site and the “Curbici” Solar Park and between the Niscemi site and the “Leo” Solar Park. The methodology adopted by follows the Lifecycle Service and Technology Approach defined by Cisco Systems and consists in the following phases: Prepare – Plan & Design – Implement – Operate – Optimize.
This procedure complies with the quality manual of, which provides for a systematic control of all activities, from the “survey”, to the order of the materials, to the material control before installation, up to commissioning and subsequent monitoring of their operations for the possible optimization of the infrastructure and, at the end of the process, the final validation of the project by the Client.



The project has satisfied the requirements requested by the client and, moreover, the design re-engineering process has allowed us to offer a solution, not only perfectly integrated with what is already in place, but which has significantly improved its operational capabilities.
The methodology used, by sectorising the processes involved in the transmission system, allowed, level by level, to identify the hardware/software components and a clearer view of the entire operating system.
The layered system has made it possible to carry out maintenance and control of the entire network.
With the activation of the radio links, all the interested locations obtained an increased bandwidth, as this was re-evaluated on the basis of internal traffic between the clients of the different sites managed by the Hiperlan network.