IES (International Exhibition Services)

Enhancement of the Telephony System


IES, since the year of its creation, has established a solid reputation in the organization of international business events, fairs, conferences and operates in thirty countries, in Europe, Middle-East, Asia, as well as in emerging countries.



IES needed to upgrade its telephony system and the switchboard, wanting to rely on the best solutions offered by the market, without surprises and malfunctions. In addition, the company needed to reduce the impact of calls to mobile phones on telephone costs.



We have developed a fully IP-based Telephony solution, also for mobile service: an integrated IP Telephony system, with detailed traffic reporting functions, wireless access points, external VPN access and a GSM gateway to the cellular network. The phones are strictly Cisco, with variable-function keys that provide access to the last number redialing features, call transfer, conferencing, and voice-mail access features.
With SIM cards installed in the GSM Gateway (GSM Router, FCT), employees can make cell-phone calls, usually less expensive than landline-to-mobile calls. Obviously these devices are much more sophisticated and guarantee various useful properties and options such as text messaging, fax messages, etc. For the reporting of traffic, we have used Cisco Billy Blue’s: no installation or configuration, with a simple browser and thanks to the new web interface everyone has the ability to easily access their calls or those of the organization based on their role in the SAS.



IP telephony system updated with new features for users thanks to the Cisco switchboard;
Significant savings for calls to mobile phones thanks to the GSM Gateway;
Easy and simple access to the call monitoring system.