Municipality of San Gregorio

Public Hot Spots for the Municipality of San Gregorio Catania with Virtual Fiber, Meraki Technology and Server Infrastructure based on Cisco ExpressPod Technology


The Municipality of San Gregorio di Catania is an Italian municipality of 11,604 inhabitants that has relied on Italia for the realization of large projects and for the supply of many services, connected to internet connectivity and VoIP, to the network and to Wi -Fi.



The Municipality had the need to create a Wi-Fi network to cover municipal buildings, schools and create a Hot Spot network in the main squares of the town. Moreover, the Municipality needed solutions to improve the functioning of the offices of the public structure.



The project involved the Wi-Fi coverage of three squares, municipal buildings and three school complexes. We have chosen the best that is on the market: Cisco Meraki. It is the simplest and most effective solution to manage the network directly in the Cloud. We have installed 14 MR62 Access Points and provided the service in “As a Service” mode, that is by operating the equipment and the necessary infrastructure for the supply of the service from a fully managed point of view. In addition, the Client was provided with 10Mbit Virtual Fiber, Veeam Remote Back-Up System and Server Infrastructure based on Cisco ExpressPod Technology.




Administering all locations from a single dashboard
No need for on-site staff
No need to pass cables
99.99% SLA
User traffic always inside the Municipal network (does not reach the Cloud)
Complies with stringent North American HIPAA and PCI regulations
Functionality guaranteed even in the presence of an interrupted cloud connection
Unlimited number of devices that can be added
Centralization of telephone services in a plexus providing for redistribution via IP
Optimization of telephone costs
Redistribution, as desired, of telephone extensions within the three plexuses
Activation of the Extension Mobility service


Virtual Fiber

Performance comparable to Pure Fiber but much lower price
Large volumes of data without the need for large investments
Ideal for the provision of advanced broadband services
Speed from 5 mega to 100 mega in download and from 3 to 40 Mbit in upload with guaranteed bandwidth
Service more stable and performing than ADSL
Veeam system of remote back-up


Modern Data Protection
Virtual environment used to reduce costs and take advantage of the value of backup
Software licenses and use of perpetual products and without expiry
1 Click Restore: restore in a few minutes
Snapshot storage: backup at the desired frequency
Instant VM recovery and instant file-level recovery on any OS and file system


Infrastructure Server based on Cisco ExpressPod Technology

ExpressPod uses best-in-class components, including: Cisco UCS® C220 M3 rack-mount servers, Cisco Nexus® 3048 switches, and NetApp® FAS2500 series storage systems
Scaling vertically, adding components (server or storage capacity) or horizontally, adding additional Express Pod configurations
Small and Medium configurations based on disk capacity