Provincial Union of Artisans of Padua

Creation of an Intranet/Extranet network


The Provincial Union of Artisans of Padua is a trade association of Confartigianato with about 10 thousand members, who for almost seventy years have been concretely close to small businesses, to give voice to new trades, preserving the heritage of knowledge and values that have made the small business the beating heart of the Paduan and Italian economy.



The client needed to allow access to the databases from the outside and to do so in complete safety, as well as to update the existing systems, exploiting the potential of the network.



We designed and implemented the Intranet/Extranet network, with VPDN and VPN access and worked on the integration of the mainframe AS 400 with modern systems for managing and querying databases, so that today all clients use Explorer interfaces for a job which was previously performed on green phosphor terminals. The creation of special web-services led to  an improvement in the usability of the given information from outside, accessible through secure Intranet by all the mandates placed on the territory of the Province of Padua.



More efficient control thanks to:

Modernization of management and querying of databases;
Information more easily usable from the outside;
Total security of data access;
Integration of all the territorial mandates.