T.net connects companies, what is the best way to do it if not with a Pure Fiber connection?

The agreement between T.net Italia S.p.A. and the CGM Cooperative Group – the largest group of Italian Social Cooperatives – for the supply of 100Mbit Pure Fiber for the headquarters of Ermanno Barigozzi street, 24 Milan.

Fiber Optic allows connections with very high bandwidth both in reception and in transmission.

It is the ideal technology for a great company like the CGM Cooperative Group as it guarantees greater stability and high performance.

The infrastructure is equipped with fiber optic cables, different from the normal copper cables, which are able to transport a large amount of data that is much higher than the standard and information in a shorter time frame. All in total immunity from electrical disturbances and resistance to external weather conditions.

The fiber cables thus guarantee higher levels of performance in terms of transmission capacity and greater reliability as they are less prone to breakdowns and problems.

For the Milan office, the CGM Cooperative Group will be able to enjoy, among others, the following advantages:

  • Excellent speed and data transmission capacity
  • Ability to connect multiple users per line
  • Guarantee of maintaining quality standards of service even over long distances
  • Less intrusion of optical fiber systems
  • Guarantee of continuity of service thanks to the excellent resistance to external conditions
  • Increased security: the fibers are not interfered with by other lines and communications can not be intercepted by unauthorized connections
  • Guarantee of the validity of the investment over time
  • L2 connection in Clear Channel to the Milan Mix at 100 Mbit, with Upgrade up to 1 Gbit
  • The preparation of the optical drawer for the certification of the fibers
  • Gigabit Ethernet switch for managing L2 connectivity
  • GNR on the primary where necessary
  • Number Portability

The quality of our services, the timely assistance entirely in Italian and the professionalism that distinguish us were decisive factors for the conclusion of the important agreement.

T.net Italia accompanies companies in their growth path, starting naturally from the best ones.