IT Security for your business

Data Security is a requirement that has always existed in human history since ancient civilizations. An Information System is generally defined by the set of data and hardware and software resources. This set of interrelated components are an essential asset for Organizations and needs to be protected.

It is therefore necessary to ensure that organizations pursue the main IT security objectives:


integrity, that is to guarantee that the data are actually those that are thought and stored;
confidentiality, which consists in ensuring that only authorized persons have access to the data resources ;
availability, which ensures data ara always available in normal and disaster recovery operations and the proper operation procedures are in place to guarantee this;
authentication, which ensures that only authorized persons have access to data resources.


IT security has the task of protecting information by avoiding, detecting and responding to attacks. has certified its Information System according to Rule ISO 27001:2013 to ensures Customers of proper operation procedure in place to protect data. can so offer high performance protection to the entire IT infrastructure by enabling the Data Security Fabric, unifying advanced security technologies to Cloud services, Endpoints, Email, Web Applications and Site to Site connections under a single pane of glass.


We offer advanced network and content protection with secure access to products that will share intelligence, combining security processors, an intuitive operation system and applied threat intelligence to ensure security, exceptional performance and greater visibility and control, simplifying all management operations.

The concept rests on three keystone:


It is necessary for the IT team to have a holistic view of devices, traffic, applications and events with the ability to stop a threat at any time its attack is


The integration of devices that use open standards, common operating systems, allows unified management, sharing and correlation of threats. This common structure also supports coordinated detection of advanced threats through sophisticated and centralized analyzes that are difficult or impossible to achieve using traditional isolated security distributions.


The time that runs between a violation and the compromise of data or systems will soon be measured in microseconds. Systems security should provide an automated and coordinated response to detected threats.

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