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Produce more and more efficiently

What is precision agriculture:
the UN Global Goals

Careful cultivation can help farmers to produce more with less, obtaining important advantages in livestock farming. Thanks to the adoption of new technologies and the contribution of the IoT, it is possible to enhance agricultural production, reduce waste, greenhouse gas emissions and costs. Agricultural systems need to be changed and reoriented to effectively support the world’s development in a sustainable way.

According to the UN FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), by 2050 world food production should increase by 70% to feed 9.6 billion people. The objective n. 2 (Zero Hungry) of the 17 Global Goals (Sustainable Development Goals) is to end hunger, ensure food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. This information means that the development of these technologies focused on increasing production is not an option: it is a duty.

Smart Agriculture and precision agriculture can be the solution: as suggested by the adjectives, it means applying the innovative technologies of digital agriculture, optimizing the use of resources, reducing the incorrect application of products (water, pesticides and fertilizers) increasing yield and crop efficiency. The use of digital technologies in this type of processes helps to collect important data that will influence the decision-making process and lead to better and more modern agricultural management.

It does not mean working harder, neither for the farmers, nor for the land. It means working better.

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    Cow Operation Center

    The dairy cows involved in the Smart processes wear an intelligent collar with an infrared sensor and a 6-axis gyroscope; GPS is optional if animals graze instead of being fed in stables. The collars detect movements and other data that are stored in the Cloud. Farmers can use their smartphones, tablets or Smart glasses to monitor the status of the animals, check their nutrition or arrange for the execution of a command. Through our “cockpit” – Cow Operation Center – it will be possible at a glance to monitor the “status of the dairy cow”:

    • Green: Excellent state of health
    • Yellow: ready for fertilization
    • Orange: parturient
    • Purple: suspected disease
    • Blue: subject to medication and veterinary care
    • Red: high body temperature or any other alarm

    Our studies and projects therefore merge with the theme of Precision Agriculture, an agriculture that aims to optimize the management of fields in terms of:

    Smart Agriculture and Precision Agriculture offers farmers a wealth of information to:

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