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Smart Cities & Nations

A Smart City is the effective integration of physical, digital and human systems in the built environment to deliver a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for its citizens. Sometimes, we talk about IoT of People for this project. Infact, to be truly “smart” it is essential that cities equip themselves with enabling infrastructures that help the development of intermodal services, support new ways of interacting with customers, citizens and service providers in an environment crowded with a multitude of devices and vehicles that contend for the same bandwidth and where the 802.11p protocol limit could be an issue. Together with the storage of large amounts of data and the availability of services, the context is truly challenging. 

For this reason we have developed an intelligent framework based on cloud services, the so-called microservices, which can help municipal and highway concessions to maximize the return on investment and the customer experience.

Our IOT4ITS framework favors a smooth flow of information that flows correctly from the IoT sensors to the management system and finally to the ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) infrastructure.


The use of Cloud Microservices makes measurements and information widely available for higher levels so that APP developers can use them for multiple applications.

Meteorological models (Wind, Rain, Humidity, etc.) together with predictive algorithms on pollutants and meteorological agents help the system to predict adverse weather conditions that can cause asphalt slippery thus avoiding aquaplaning. The information obtained is managed through Infobroker Middleware which will take care of sending messages to vehicles, eg. reduce the speed in the event of poor visibility and / or air quality problems when the amount of concentrations of atmospheric pollutants and the noise level reaches critical thresholds.

    Mobility as a Service

    The acronym MaaS (Mobility as a service) describes an innovative way of moving that best represents the concept of shared mobility understood as a service to be used according to need.

    Moving from a lifestyle based on owning a means of transport to a lifestyle based on the concept of Mobility as a Service certainly means guaranteeing many benefits to the individual citizen, society and the environment.

    Like all “as a service”, the MaaS usually provides for a monthly subscription that allows you to use a bundle of public and private transport between trains, buses, taxis, car, bike sharing and more that can be used unlimitedly with a single subscription, usually through an app.

    Smart Parking

    Ensure the efficient management of all activities related to on-street parking: assessment of parking, reporting, maintenance, and planning.

    Smart Lightning

    The digital management of city lightning as an opportunity for connection and interaction of the areas that make up a city, from the center to the suburbs.

    Smart Environment

    The data collected by the sensors in the field are managed through prediction algorithms and predictive models to control the pollutants and suggest the appropriate actions.

    Smart City Block

    The Smart Security section designs, supplies and installs security systems and offers technical surveillance services for public and private customers, simplifying their management.

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