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The rapid development of the information technology market and the increasingly massive use of it in every sector, has led to the birth of professionals of all levels, whose skills revolve around the world of computers for which high-level computer training, which can also be obtained, but not only, with a computer engineering degree. Among these figures, one of the most delicate and requested is that of the Security Expert: a real guarantor of the rights of the rules governing the IT world.

The Security Expert is a highly specialized professional figure, who is responsible for preventing and mitigating security breaches that may arise within company’s computer and network systems.

IT security

IT security is the protection of information and data contained in IT systems. Its importance is essential for companies, organizations, public administrations but also for individual users.

Despite the increasingly sophisticated data protection tools, in fact, often skilled connoisseurs of the secrets of the network manage to get hold of information.

Hackers are generally sophisticated computer scientists, perfectly capable of entering a system both internally and externally, to steal and perhaps resell personal data and sensitive information. Among the most serious sabotages that hackers carry out is that of manipulating or even deleting the data they come into possession of.

Skills required

The delicacy of the role and the complexity of the subject he deals with, requires the Security Expert to have very high skills in both the IT and legal fields.

In the technological sphere, he must have the skills of a hardware technician, system analyst, security administrator and security auditor. Basically, the mastery of the most common operating systems, of the IT architectures and of the protocols that regulate the passage of data is required.

He must also be able to encrypt and decrypt data and know, if possible better than hackers, the possibilities and subterfuges that the network physiologically makes available.

Among his main tasks are: identifying, copying and making legible, storing and authenticating the evidence he collects on cybercrime.

Another task performed by the Security Expert is to support the company on a daily basis in safeguarding the IT systems it uses.

The Security Expert is also required to have an in-depth knowledge of the legislation governing the subject of cybercrime. As regards the processing of personal data, however, the basic text to be known is the GDPR Regulation on data protection and all subsequent amendments and additions.

As for basic knowledge, the Security Expert must have a good general knowledge and master the English language, which is the access code to all IT professions.

At the level of personal characteristics, the Security Expert must have skills in collecting and cataloging data; the ability to analyze and dissect them; the tenacity and the will to follow the paths identified. He must also be able to express himself with competence and property of language in the cybersecurity field. He is also required to know how to make the steps related to data traffic understandable to third parties, not necessarily informed on the subject.

In order not to lose skills in this continuously evolving sector, it is essential that the Security Expert has the will to continuously update himself and to get professional information on all the news in the sector. Hackers are usually very competent figures and it is necessary to overcome their preparation and updating in order to usefully combat the methods of intrusion and tampering they implement.

The training of the Security Expert

The Security Expert must have a degree in computer science, which can be computer science, computer engineering or the like and follow in-depth courses in computer cybersecurity or computer forensics.

Usually, those who intend to pursue these professions attend study courses in the United States or in northern European countries (CISSP, CompTIA Security+, eg), where these subjects are well known and widespread.

The Candidate will be hired for an indefinite period with the qualification of Clerk as required by the current C.C.N.L. COMPANIES OPERATING TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES.

The research is aimed at candidates of both sexes pursuant to Law 903/77. Work locations: Milan, Rome and Catania.

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