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Present on the AgID Marketplace, provides simple and advanced Cloud solutions to Small and Large Administrations. We have scalable and modular solutions able to meet the needs of small municipalities and large cities, covering a basin of millions of inhabitants.


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ISO 27001 27017 27018

With decades of experience as a Cloud Provider, supported by a Data Center infrastructure with European coverage, and supported by our ISO / IEC 27001: 2013, 27017: 2015, 27018: 2019 security certifications, we design and implement important solutions for Public Entities.

Our infrastructure is secure and GDPR compliant servers are located in the center of Milan Caldera, within areas with managed services, advanced security systems and fully compliant with the provisions of Italian and European law (GDPR).

Compliant TIER IV & III

SLA 99.9995%

The challenges of maintaining a private IT infrastructure have long prompted organizations to consider alternative options to meet their data and processing needs. While using an on-premise data solution certainly offers benefits, the significant cost of building this infrastructure is often beyond the reach of most startups and smaller companies.


Fortunately, there is an alternative: Data Centers as a Service (DCaaS) can provide companies with all the power and control they expect from an on-premise solution, as well as the flexibility and affordability of the cloud. With’s DCaaS model, compelling solutions can be offered for fast-growing companies seeking to compete in an increasingly crowded market where speed and adaptability are essential to success.

Advantages for companies and public administrations

Here, summarized, are some of the advantages for the company that adopts a DCAAS:


  • Reduction of risk on data management;
  • Elimination of equipment purchase costs;
  • External data storage with direct control;
  • Higher levels of safety and reliability;
  • IT systems constantly updated;
  • Simplified cost structure;
  • Better exploitation of the acquired computational resources;
  • Resources immediately and always available;
  • Economical: you only pay for what is used.

Bring your company's IT resources to the cloud with OWYN

Owyn is’s Software-Defined Data Center solution ideal for companies that need to bring the features and data of their Data Center or a portion of it to the Cloud. If your computing, storage or networking needs change, Owyn allows you to adjust server availability to business needs in minutes without downtime. You can start with a PaaS solution and scale up to vDCaaS or vice versa.


With Owyn, you only pay for the resources you really need and always have them available.

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Advantages of OWYN: the solution for DCaaS

Despite the attraction of moving resources to public cloud providers, many companies are still wary of giving up the control of maintaining their own private cloud. In some cases, it simply makes more sense to store business-critical data and processes in a private cloud environment. For these companies, hybrid cloud architectures implemented through a colocation provider offer an ideal solution. By combining the scalable flexibility of the public cloud with the increased security and control of a private cloud, hybrid cloud environments simplify the transport of data and applications between the two as needed over encrypted connections that limit exposure.

Basically, by offloading the IT infrastructure to a data center, the Data Center Provider allows companies to significantly reduce capital costs. They can also make sure they don’t burden themselves with unnecessary costs, paying only for the capacity they need based on their short- and long-term needs. For companies looking to scale their data operations over time, Data Center Providers’ options allow them to get started right away, rather than waiting until they are able to make an investment. Every moment they spend waiting to act is a time when their competitors are potentially overtaking them.

Data centers are designed from the ground up to deliver unmatched, continuous uptime. This is critical for companies that rely on reliable networks to provide customer services. In addition to significant financial costs, unexpected downtime can cause serious damage even to an established business. Relying solely on the public cloud leaves companies exposed to disruption, rendering them powerless and with no alternative. With hybrid or multi-cloud DCaaS architecture within a colocation data center, a combination of backup and redundancy offers flexibility that allows companies to keep their services up and running.

Scalability is always a problem for IT infrastructures. It is one thing for a company to plan to expand its services, but increasing the server and processing capacity to accomplish those plans is another thing. For companies operating within their own private data center, their growth potential is forever limited by their existing IT infrastructure; if they don’t have the ability to expand operations, they simply can’t. By partnering with a colocation data center through a DCaaS relationship, companies can ensure they get the IT resources they need at the exact time they need them.

In addition to providing superior uptime, is committed to maintaining the highest levels of security for its customers. When a company enters into a relationship with a data center, it doesn’t just get access to equipment; it is also entering a network environment built to ensure maximum security on both the physical and digital fronts. From proactive cyberthreat protections like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to protecting perimeters and server rooms, data centers are the modern strongholds of the digital age.

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Types of plans and OWYN costs



€ 59,00 per month


  • 4 Ghz CPU
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 3OO GB Storage
  • 4 Statics IP
  • SLA 8x5xNBD



€ 129,00 per month


  • 8 Ghz CPU
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 6OO GB Storage
  • 4 Statics IP
  • SLA 8x5xNBD



€ 199,00 per month


  • 16 Ghz CPU
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 1 TB Storage
  • 8 Statics IP
  • SLA 8x5xNBD



€ 499,00 per month


  • 32 Ghz CPU
  • 128 GB RAM
  • 5 TB Storage
  • 16 Statics IP
  • SLA 8x5xNBD

Add Backup as a Service to your profiles starting from € 20 / month.

All prices are VAT excluded and are intended for subscriptions of at least 12 months

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