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Housing & Colocation

The housing service is aimed at companies that need to use proprietary hardware but wish to benefit from high performance and cutting-edge technology, relying on an IT partner.

Colocation or Server Housing

The external management of your server is called “Colocation” or “Server Housing” and is equivalent to outsourcing the server to a Colocation Data Center.


The data centers are thus managed by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who already have the necessary infrastructure and offer not only sufficient space for the installation of third-party servers on the so-called “racks”, but also a secure power supply, a adequate ventilation and a stable connection guaranteed by ultra-fast fiber optic lines.


Through the colocation service, company servers are placed in our secure, technologically advanced and reliable Data Centers, within a quickly accessible and completely redundant network. The customer will not have to take on anything: we will take care of the complete management of the company servers.


Colocation is the best solution for companies that need to govern critical network applications and allows significant savings on all costs relating to the infrastructure and its maintenance. Colocation also allows full control of your infrastructure, which belongs exclusively to the customer and is not shared with other users.

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Advantages of Colocation

Thanks to colocation, you can enjoy the benefits of an excellent and modern IT infrastructure, while continuing to manage your servers. It is particularly useful in terms of security and if the server contains highly sensitive data that must be protected from external access.

T.net offers 24-hour assistance thanks to the dedicated toll-free number and e-mail addresses so that companies can avail themselves of constant support for any kind of problem.

The installation and management of your own server room are not only demanding from an administrative point of view, but also expensive. Outsourcing your servers to an external data center can save you money. And thanks to customization it is possible to obtain an excellent price-quality ratio.

T.net offers tier-3 standards resulting in very high server availability. In addition, a secure power supply and reliable Internet access with high bandwidth are guaranteed.

A company that decides to place the server in a data center can use the professional infrastructure of a supplier and thus benefit from an optimal power supply, but also from a continuous availability of the network.

T.net guarantees redundant power, infrastructure control and connectivity. This way you are in control of the server hardware and software.

Colocation is particularly useful for companies where the environments and network connections do not meet the minimum requirements to ensure hardware operation without errors and interruptions. In this way, a high performance of the connection is ensured.

The data center lines are ultra-fast fiber optic connections, specially arranged and the customer can benefit from these technical advantages without the server being managed by external IT specialists, but completely autonomously.

Our Racks features

Cabinet dimensions: L: 60cm, P: 100, H: 42U

Basic electrical power in bundle: 1500W

Power supply: double redundant

Confined cabinet with safety key

Power supply current: 2 x 16A

Power supply voltage: 2 x 220V


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