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Private clouds are distributed systems that run on private infrastructures and provide users with dynamic provisioning of compute resources. A private cloud is typically used within a business. This helps avoid the complexities and time associated with purchasing and cloud deployment of traditional physical infrastructure. Implementing the private cloud also includes the challenges of integrating hardware and software from different vendors.

What are the main features of a private cloud?

Greater security and privacy: Private cloud offers greater security than public cloud services. Due to limited access, a private cloud provides more security services.


Reliability: The private cloud offers virtually created operating environments that indicate that the network is highly flexible to individual failures.


Greater control: Since access to the resource pool is limited to one organization, the configuration and management of the private cloud can be aligned as needed to achieve a customized networking solution.


Supports Heterogeneous Systems: Private cloud supports a wide range of products and vendors such as the latest hardware, software and virtualization, open system, core hardware.


Virtualization: This is the foundation of any cloud. Hardware resources, including the identity and number of individual physical servers, form a pool of virtual machines.

Self-Service Portal: The Self-Service Portal offers a way for customers and cloud service providers to interact. It is used to optimize time. The services and resources offered are easy to configure and manage for the end user.


Resource and Workload Management: The private cloud has a resource manager that allows it to easily meet varying workloads and maintain service availability. It is done by moving applications to healthy hardware in the event of the failure of servers and network links of other resources.

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