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What is Digital Transformation

Does your business need to shift gears? Digital Transformation is the answer.
Doing business today means using digital processes and tools to carry out innovative and efficient strategies for your intended results.


A Digital Transformation path includes a profound transformation of activities, skills, business and organizational models using the opportunities of digital technologies. works on creating innovative and agile organizations, executing digital transformation strategies. We design roadmaps to transform companies into people-oriented, innovative and customer-centric businesses.


The Ministry of Economic Development makes available to companies that want to innovate a contribution of up to 50% for Innovation Managers. This figure was foreseen in the 2019 budget law and around 75 million euros have been committed to this purpose for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021.


Specifically, for micro-enterprises, SMEs and business networks (up to a maximum of 3 companies) there are 25 million euros per year for three years to equip themselves with an Innovation Manager (freelance or connected to a consultancy company) from to receive benefits.
The Consultant Manager, through a contract of at least nine months, will implement a Digital Transformation strategy in the context of various strategic sectors, such as Smart Industry, Big Data, Cloud, Cybersecurity, AR / VR, Robotics.

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francesco mazzola

President and CEO of, Francesco Mazzola is Innovation Manager for the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) and is therefore one of the few consultants qualified to provide companies with support in digital transition processes.


With an experience of more than 30 years, Engineer Mazzola can provide companies with specialized consulting services aimed at supporting innovation processes in the areas of technological and digital transformation, modernization of management and organizational structures, access to financial and capital markets.


Manager “certified” by the MISE, Francesco Mazzola has directed and supported dozens of companies in the public and private sectors, in the process of Digital Transformation and Innovation for adaptation to today’s new technologies and strategies.

The steps of the Digital Transformation

Without a secure and reliable network, no Digital Transformation process can take place.


The steps necessary to carry out the digital transformation are as follows:

Today, several entrepreneurs, especially family and generation, are tempted to conduct their business as usual. In reality, this is no longer possible. Philip Kotler, talks about two types of companies: those that change and those that disappear!


The change process is therefore essential!

The three P of Digital Transformation


Before an organization can transform digitally, its employees must transform. The roles must be clear, the skills covered.


What is truly important today is the customer experience. Digital transformation impacts products and the experience around them.


The process that drives transformation must be balanced with the maturity of society’s technologies and the ability to understand new digital tools. consulting

1) We direct and support the processes of innovation, technological and digital transformation of companies and networks through the application of one or more of the enabling technologies provided for by the National Business Plan 4.0.


2) We direct and support the modernization processes of management and organizational structures, including access to financial and capital markets, through:


– the application of new organizational methods in business practices, in business management strategies, in the organization of the workplace, provided that they involve a significant process of organizational innovation of the company;


– the launch of paths aimed at listing on regulated or non-regulated markets, participation in the Elite Program, opening of risk capital to independent investors specialized in private equity or venture capital, and the use of new alternative finance instruments and digital such as, by way of example, equity crowdfunding, invoice financing, the issue of minibonds.

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