Breach & Attack Simulation

Limitations and benefits of an automated breach violation
Breach and attack simulations are an advanced computer security testing method used to identify vulnerabilities in security environments by mimicking the likely attack paths and techniques used by malicious actors. Security teams have long sought to test the strength of their organizational defenses through organized red and blue team exercises.

Limtation of this Procedure

While red and blue team exercises have long been an important security tool, they suffer from two key disadvantages:

They are highly manual and resource intensive.

Most organizations can only run these tests episodically.

Due to this during the weeks or months between tests, vulnerabilities may arise undetected and defenders have little visibility into the true state of their security environment.

The Benefits of an Automated Breach Simulation

A breach and attack simulation platform solves this issue by performing many of the same critical functions but in a continuous, automated penetration test simulating malware attacks on endpoints, data exfiltration, malware attacks and sophisticated APT attacks that move laterally through a network, targeting the most valuable assets.

Combining red and blue team techniques and automating them, breach and attack platforms provide continuous coverage. 

These simulations can be run on a 24/7, 365 basis

It avoid human error caused by inexperience that can affect the outcome of manual testing

In addition to the benefits associated with automation and continuous monitoring, breach and attack simulations also allow security teams to change the manner in which they play defense as they can take the initiative and actively probe for vulnerabilities, rather than sitting back and hoping current security measures prove sufficient.

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