Together we are stronger


Over the years, since its foundation, has developed relationships with business partners who represent important connections and resources for the company for business work, future planning and for building a solid knowledge of products, changes and trends in the business of the IoT world and beyond. Building future relationships with business partners helps to be always ready for changes in products and services, following them in their natural evolution.


IoT Partners

As a company that has always invested in the growth of new technological activities, works alongside partners in the field of the IoT who then represent networks of organizations that give the front-end managed by

For a single company, in fact, creating an entire end-to-end IoT offering that covers all aspects of hardware and software is unlikely: there are simply too many different specializations required to create operational IoT ecosystems. There is no standalone IoT product or service, but IoT is a series of symbiotically connected networks of hardware and software.

Therefore, building a strong partner ecosystem is critical when starting a new IoT business.