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GDPR Assessment, SOC, NOC & Cybersecurity:
is your company compliant? is an expert partner in the field of CyberSecurity and Data Protection, both in technological, procedural and regulatory terms, ready to guarantee you maximum peace of mind in facing the path of adoption of all the necessary and substantial elements of adaptation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and in identifying the risks and limits of your Information Systems.

Our consultancy aims to accompany you on the initial path that includes risk analysis, drafting of documentation, adaptation of infrastructures and staff training, and then in the maintenance phase as DPO or IT Security Manager. , if it is not possible to appoint and qualify an internal resource within the company. The steps necessary to adopt the appropriate measures to the GDPR are different and are not only formal, but above all substantial. In terms of Cybersecurity, the activities that our team can provide range from penetration tests to vulnerabilty assessments, as well as the provision of external CSO (Chief Security Officer) or SOC (Security Operation Center) services.

Security Operation Center's Security Operation Center (SOC) is the ultimate solution to centralize all information on the security status of one or more companies!

GDPR Assessment & DPO's GDPR Assessment & DPO service allows companies to adopt all the elements necessary for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Network Operation Center

The Network Operation Center (NOC) is the ideal solution for your company to monitor network and security assetts as well as to detect network and system anomalies & issues S.p.A. is ISO / IEC 27001: 2013, 27017: 2015 and 27018: 2019 certified, the standards that define the requirements for an ISMS (Information Security Management System). S.p.A. is a Fortinet Silver Partner and its staff members have acquired the following certifications: NSE7, NSE4, NSE3, NSE2, NSE1. uses Qualys products to help organizations design security solutions that last and are capable of addressing the most insidious threats.

Vulnerability vs Penetration Test

Data protection and cybersecurity have now become fundamental concepts of every business, and they are even more so when it comes to sensitive data, i.e. personal data whose collection and processing are subject to both the consent of the interested party and the preventive authorization of the Privacy Guarantor. Following the security best practices in the implementation of a service or a platform that collects sensitive data is certainly a good starting point, but it may not be enough. In fact, it is necessary to thoroughly test the response of a computer system (identified as a target) to a series of targeted attacks with the aim of maliciously exfiltrating confidential information, and reliably certify that the system is robust and responsive to intrusion attempts by ‘external. The operational process of analyzing, evaluating and attempting to exploit a system’s vulnerabilities is called penetration testing. The testing activities cannot fail to be accompanied by a detailed reporting activity, which highlights which tests have been carried out, the details of the results obtained and whether and which vulnerabilities have been exploited to access and manipulate the target information system.

Security e Data Breach

The analysis activities of the technical vulnerabilities of information systems are carried out in order to verify that the three fundamental principles of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (“CIA triad”) are constantly respected.

The Testing activity provides a well-defined workflow that includes a series of preparatory and subsequent activities to the actual testing:

  • Planning
  • Obtaining information
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Penetration Testing
  • Reporting


During the planning phase, the tools to be used to carry out the activities of obtaining information, vulnerability analysis and penetration testing are also defined.

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