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Why choose a cloud storage service?

Cloud storage is one of the best ways to keep your business important data safe and accessible. More and more small and medium-sized businesses are turning to cloud storage services, available from any Internet-connected device, even when those files contain sensitive company and customer data. Adopting a cloud storage platform will keep your files close at hand, but choosing one can be tricky. CloudBag

When choosing a cloud service, it is important for each business to consider their individual needs. CloudBag by is the ideal platform for collaboration between professional teams, complete with features and networking. Provides telephone, chat or email support for timely support in case of need. Furthermore, all your data are stored on Italian servers, in compliance with European privacy laws.

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The advantages of CloudBag cloud storage

Data stored on Italian servers, within data centers on the national territory.

Do you need help? Contact us by email, chat or phone. We will answer you in 3 rings.

Data in Italy, in full compliance with European privacy laws for your safety.

Collaboration between professional teams offered in a fast, instant and absolutely secure way.

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CloudBag PRO:
the advantages of CloudBag with many other additional pluses

CloudBag PRO is the most performing cloud storage version of that offers exclusive benefits and additional features compared to the standard version.

PRO-grade storage power and security. Security is a major concern when taking your business to the cloud. Your company’s private data could be compromised if the service you use doesn’t have the right features. can encrypt your data at least once before it leaves your servers. You will be able to choose your encryption key so your files can only be viewed by the people you decide. CloudBag PRO by also protects your shared data, with password protection that can be enabled at the folder and subfolder level. Choosing cloud storage means making sure that it has features suitable for your team’s workflow.

Contact us by email, chat or phone. We will answer you in 3 rings. responds promptly and has someone on hand to help you 24/7. In addition to email and phone support, some services also offer live text chat to help you troubleshoot. Take a few minutes to review your options before choosing a cloud storage solution.

Auto-sync features are a must for business users who depend on the cloud. Services with this feature will update your files to reflect changes made in real time. Transferring important files from one device to another is a time-consuming hassle; entrepreneurs need to be able to access their files in an instant, wherever they are. CloudBag PRO by allows users to view and edit files from the cloud on any computer, smartphone, tablet or other device connected to the internet. This means you can make quick changes on the fly and sync your changes across all your devices.

Your storage needs are unique. Small business owners are most likely looking for a cloud storage platform that can host data for five to 10 employees. However, the best cloud storage solutions may be those that can grow with your business. With CloudBag PRO you have the possibility to choose a service that can satisfy your company also in the future.

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Take advantage of the free trial for 10 days of CloudBag PRO: for you a space of 100GB and the possibility of creating unlimited users.

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