Cowtech, linked to the concept of smart farming and the UN Global Goals (Sustainable Development Goals), outlines the future of agriculture: producing more with less.

We will talk about it at:

Technological innovations in dairy farming

October 13, 2023 from 10.00 to 13.00

at the University of Catania AULA PERROTTA, Di3A

100 Via San Sofia 95125 Catania

It will be an exclusively in-person meeting, not online, together with other important partners, has managed to bring technology and digitalisation to the agriculture sector and has done so through tailor-made solutions and applications capable of adapting to different contexts. Among the projects related to smart farming, Cowtech is a solution aimed at improving and making rural areas with a high percentage of dairy cattle more efficient.

Wireless networks and sensors worn by dairy cows themselves enable monitoring of their behavior in order to improve their welfare and performance in production and reproduction.

Monitoring takes place through constant interconnection and communication between the devices worn by the animals and the collection infrastructure, through the collection of precise information and through low-power sensors to allow long-lasting operation and reliability.

By detecting essential parameters such as environmental ones, body temperature and activity of the animal, posture, progress, nutrition and state of pregnancy and labour, it is possible to obtain efficient results both in terms of improvement of reproduction rates and in terms of disease prevention , optimization of food flow and, consequently, improvement of overall production.