Pure Optical Fiber

Security and high performance for your business

Fiber is the prerequisite for good connectivity

Connecting to the web, to the outside world and to the cloud are activities that are now part of our daily life, both privately and, also and above all, corporate. Optical fiber uses pulses of light, generated by small lasers or light-emitting diodes, to carry its communication signals, or data, from one point to another at an extremely high transfer rate. Fiber connectivity is the process of using technology to connect devices to the internet.


While copper cable transfer rates range from 20-300 megabits per second (Mbps), fiber optic transfer rates can go up to 1 gigabit per second and beyond. This is why traditional copper cabling is starting to be replaced by fiber-optic connectivity, helping to enable new high-speed services such as 5G networks.

L2 network: the strength of the T.net fiber

For our optical fiber we have chosen to rely on the special L2 type network, different from the networks of other operators and specifically designed for the needs of business customers. The T.net infrastructure connects companies and public administrations directly to the Italian Internet hub without passing through other regional hubs. This is why our services are distinguished by the Direct Connection L2 brand. This means for customers:


Faster browsing

Up to 10 times compared to traditional SHDSL and fiber connections, without bandwidth loss and with very low latency for very high navigation performance.


Unmatched security

L2 network means that your data will travel on a dedicated and unshared network as in other services, thus with the security and responsiveness of an internal company network.

Activate a Pure Optical Fiber subscription

The advantages of T.net Pure Optical Fiber: why choose T.net fiber optic subscriptions

The fiber connection is therefore an important requirement for developing your business, both in relation to your customers and to ensure continuity of service to your company. In addition to the higher speeds, T.net’s fiber optic connectivity has some advantages over old-fashioned copper cables:

Fiber optic signals travel about 10 times farther before needing to be amplified. This makes fiber networks easier and less expensive to use and maintain.

Unlike copper cables, there is no electromagnetic interference between the optical fibers, so information is transmitted much more reliably and with better signal quality.

Low latency means your business can successfully process information in real time.

Fiber optic cables can carry much more data than copper cables of the same diameter

Optical fibers provide the speed and resilience needed for cloud computing.

You can always contact us for assistance and support: we respond extremely quickly.

Do you want to know how to activate Pure Optical Fiber?

Types of T.net Pure Optical Fiber subscriptions

T.net Pure Optical Fiber subscriptions include unlimited internet traffic, guaranteed bandwidth, L2 type network, dedicated Ultra Wide Band Vlan, direct output on MIX Milano and Sicily Hub Palermo, support in 3 rings with personal assistant, public static IPs included or optional depending on the type of subscription.

Pure Optical Fiber


Enterprise segment product made of pure optical fiber for the entire length of the network, T.net Pure Optical Fiber reaches your company directly and guarantees a very high performance service in terms of stability and speed.


Download/Upload 300Mbps


Guaranteed Band 300Mbps


4 Static IP


Router Wi-Fi Included


FTTH Business


FTTH GPON (Fiber to the Cabinet Gigabit Passive Optical Network) product of exceptional performance with guaranteed bandwidth: with FTTH Business Fiber, your company is connected to the Public Network with a fiber cable always in L2 mode.


Download up to 1 Gbps


Upload up to 100Mbps


Guaranteed Band 50Mbps


1 Static IP e Router Wi-Fi Included




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