GDPR Assessment & DPO is your ally on the path to full compliance with the GDPR’s GDPR Assessment & DPO service allows companies to adopt all the elements necessary to adapt to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), necessary to operate in total peace of mind and avoid the hefty fines imposed by the European Union up to 20 million of Euro.


Our service allows you to identify all the legal and technological gaps in the GDPR regulation and to fill them through dedicated consultancy, combined with a technological implementation.

Our road map to your GDPR Compliance


Risk Analysis


The first step is an analysis of the current GDPR structure of the company, to understand which are the points on which to work and to improve.



Nomination of Officers


A person in charge, within the company, will be appointed to protect sensitive data, including the DPO.



Documentation of the adopted measures


Documentation will be drawn up with the measures adopted, to be kept constantly updated in every aspect.


Infrastructure adjustment


On a technical level, an adaptation of the infrastructure will be carried out for the maintenance of sensitive data.



Staff training


GDPR training is key. will train company staff on the legislation.



Inform the authorities will assist the company in informing the authorities in case of violations of the GDPR regulations.

Fill out the GDPR Checklist for your business

Missing DPO? takes care of it!


If the figure of the DPO inside the company is missing, makes this key figure available for the set up of the GDPR Compliance pursuant to art. 37-39 of the GDPR.

The DPO offered by will take the form of a multidisciplinary team. A group of  highly skilled professionals and proven experience, also recognized thanks to the specific certifications held, such as UNI 11697: 2017 and UNI/PDR 66: 2019, will cope with to the technical-regulatory needs provided for by the GDPR regulation with the guarantee of immediate assistance in the event of a Data Breach.

Furthermore, has direct contact with the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data and provides continuous training in compliance with the principles of privacy by default and privacy by design.

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