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CSPO (chief Security and Protection Officer), CISO (chief Information Security Officer and DPO (Data Protection Officer). Only 46% of companies have a CISO role formalized in their workforce while the DPO role is defined only in 18% of cases.

What CSPO is about?

2 – Organization analysis


The first step is a technical-organizational analysis of the current GDPR structure within the organization to understand where actions are required.


2 – Nomination of Officers


A person in charge, within the company, will be appointed to protect sensitive data, including the DPO.



3 –  Documentation of the adopted measures

Documentation will be drawn up with the measures adopted, to be kept constantly updated in every aspect.


4 – Infrastructure adjustment


On a technical level, an adaptation of the infrastructure will be carried out for the maintenance of sensitive data.


5 – Staff training


GDPR training is key. T.net will train company staff on the legislation.


6 – Inform the authorities 


T.net will assist the company in informing the authorities in case of violations of the GDPR regulations.

What are advantages of an external CSPO?


What are advantages of an external CSPO?


You don’t need to create/search skills within your staff


It’s independent


It has no conflicts of interest


Can easily control and supervise as it’s out of organizational chart


Can easily say “uncomfortable things

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