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OWYN: the DCaaS solution for Public Administrations is qualified as
Cloud Server Provider for PAs

Present on the Agid Marketplace, provides simple and advanced cloud solutions to Small and Large Public Administrations. It offers scalable and modular solutions able to meet the needs of small municipalities and large cities, covering a basin of millions of inhabitants.


With decades of experience as a Cloud Provider, supported by a Data Center infrastructure with European coverage and supported by our ISO / IEC 27001: 2013, 27017: 2015, 27018: 2019 security certifications, we design and implement important solutions for Public Institutions.


The servers are located in the center of Milan Caldera, within areas with managed services, advanced security systems and fully compliant with the provisions of Italian and European law (GDPR).

Compliant TIER IV & III

SLA 99,9995%

Advantages for companies and PAs in using the cloud services

Based on various statistics, it is noted that if an additional 10% of companies decided to adopt cloud services, a significant increase in productivity would be obtained: companies that use the cloud, in fact, have a higher probability of achieving revenues. greater than those who do not use cloud solutions. It is also a very versatile, flexible solution that requires very low installation and management/maintenance costs. If the benefits for businesses in economic terms are evident, no less important are the advantages that digital transformation can bring to the Public Administration: among these, more efficient management, the ability to shorten the distance between PA and citizens or businesses and a easier and easier access to services.

Cloud for the PA

OWYN: the DCaaS solution for Public Administrations

Only What You Need – The business solution to bring functionality and data from your Data Center to the Cloud. The Data Center as a Service allows you to change the approach to IT investments by moving from the purchase of expensive proprietary infrastructures to the use of hardware resources and applications via the cloud.

The advantages of OWYN are:

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