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The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is experiencing a period of intense progress due to the consolidation of several key technological enablers. Artificial intelligence is already widespread and has a strong impact on work and daily living activities.

IoT and AI can improve common well-being and avoid unwanted outcomes in other technological areas. AI can lead to fundamental effects on our lives compared to other recent technologies. affirms that preventing the harmful uses of AI and improving the well-being of the population create strong common interests that require sustained efforts to develop better and beneficial approaches.

In particular, is committed to use the IoT and AI for the non-invasive monitoring of the elderly, for the management of the cancer file, for the management of pathological anatomies and for the management of the integrated cancer registry.

Senior Safety, Sw@p and SWRTI Project

SW@P® - Pathological Anatomy Software

SW @ P® is an innovative software to support the Pathological Anatomy service, which allows you to keep track of all the work done in the relative section of the hospital.


The various entry options allow you to store, modify and possibly delete the patient records, the examinations associated with them, the work of the technical staff and the related reports. The different research and statistics options make it easy to extrapolate from the database any type of information necessary for a complete mapping of the work.


The web platform (thanks also to the php programming language and the MySQL DBMS) makes the SW @ P® software an easy to access and use tool for any user.

SWRTI® - Core Cancer Registry Software

SWRTI® is the software that allows the archiving of the detected oncological information, the processing of the collected sources, the identification of incident cases, their coding.


It also allows the creation of records and reports, the statistical processing and verification of all the parameters required for the validation of the Cancer Registers, as well as the creation of a unique record layout for national databases.


Many cancer registries use the most disparate forms of software that do not comply with the legislation on the processing of sensitive health data. SWRTI® is instead a compliant tool, unique and customized for each register, which allows everyone to work on their own database (requesting IARC / AIRTUM accreditations separately and for the years of interest).

Senior Safety® - The first App that monitors the well-being of those you love

Senior Safety® is the innovative App that, with the use of IoT devices, makes the home and the outdoors in which the elderly (or other fragile person) lives an environment that is always controlled and safe and the independent person.

With the installation of a Smart Home Kit and the use by the elderly of a smart watch with Bluetooth technology, the App then allows relatives, caregivers or social workers to check and control their behavior, health status, vital signs and movements of the person. It also allows you to set a reminder on drugs to be administered, clinical, pharmacological, allergy and blood group records.

All in compliance with the independence and dignity of the person (without destabilizing them) and the regulations in force (GDPR). Senior Safety® makes it possible to monitor continuously and in real time the physical and psychological health of the person, with the requirement for intervention therefore limited to cases of need or emergencies.


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