In April will partecipate to ECOMED – PROGETTOCOMFORT la Green Expo del Mediterraneo exhibiting its solutions in the Smart City, Smart Road: we will show our innovative products and services developed for the communities and environment protection.

During this event is happy to invite you at the conference:

"The evolution of needs and technologies to make cities become Smart Cities"


APRIL 7th 2022

2.30p.m -6.00 p.m.

Conference Scope:

  1. Engage and inform Italian Municipalities of current EU Funds and Opportunities.

  2.  Present the “Taormina City Tech” technical solution as Reference Case Study and Prototype to be used ad a template for further projets using the replicable lattice and let Communities scale easy and fast.

  3. Explain what a Smart and Sustainable City is an the potential of a similar Deployment.

  4. Explain the risk and mitigations available to deploy Secure Smart City complain to GDPR.

  1. Sustainable mobility projects – Prof. Edoardo Croci (Bocconi University).
  2. Sustainable cities in Europe – Prof. Willem Jonker (CEO EIT Digital).

  3. The Smart City Block Uncovered – Dr. Besana (

  4. Infrastructure Cybesecurity for Smart CitiesEng. Mazzola (IEEE Smart Cities Working Group).

  5. IEEE’s Global Smart City Initiatives – Eng. Joel Myers (Chair of the IEEE Global Cities Alliance).

  6. Smart Cities in Practice: Mexico and Taormina – Eng. Victor Larios (Director of the Smart Cities Innovation Centre at the University of Guadalajara). 

  7. GUEST: Mario Bolognari – Taormina Major.

  8. GDPR and Data Protection the role of the DPO in Smart Cities – Law. Trabucchi (SZA Associati).

  9. PNRR, guidelines and opportunities for our cities: becoming Smart in a sustainable way – Enrico  Giovannini Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility.


Prof. Enrico Giovannini

Appointed Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility in the cabinet led by Mr. Mario Draghi.

He was Chief Statistician of the OECD from 2001 to August 2009, president of Istat from August 2009 to April 2013. From 28 April 2013 to 22 February 2014 he was appointed Minister of Labour and Social Policies in the cabinet led by Enrico Letta.

He is full professor Professor of Economic Statistics at the Economics and Finance Department of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Since 2014 He is Senior Fellow of the LUISS “School of European Political Economy”, Associate Senior Research Fellow of the Center for European Policy Studies. Until January 2021 he was president of the European Statistical Governance Advisory Board, the body that supervises the operation of the European Statistical System.

PNRR, guidelines and opportunities for our cities: becoming Smart in a sustainable way 

Enrico Giovannini Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility

Prof. Edoardo Croci 

Professor of Practice at Bocconi University and Senior Research Fellow at GREEN (Centre for Geography, Resources, Environment, Energy and Networks) at Bocconi University, where he coordinates the “Green Economy Observatory” and the “Smart City Observatory”. He is also Director of the Sustainable Urban Regeneration Lab and Professor of Practice at Bocconi, where he teaches “Carbon Markets and Carbon Management”, “Transportation and Climate” and “Economics of Sustainable Urban Regeneration”. He is scientific coordinator of several Horizon 2020 projects focused on urban sustainability.

Graduated in Economic and Social Disciplines at Bocconi University with  a specialization at New York University.

Sustainable mobility projects

Prof. Edoardo Croci (Bocconi University)


Prof. Willem Jonker

CEO in EIT DIGITAL, Prof. Willem Jonker has a broad background in ICT, both in industry as well as in academia. He studied mathematics and computer science at Groningen University, worked at Delft University of Technology, received his PhD from the University of Utrecht, and is a part-time full professor in computer science at Twente University.

Willem Jonker’s industrial experience covers telecommunications (KPN), IT (European Computer industry Research Centre, Munich) and consumer electronics (Philips). He held several positions as researcher, international project leader, department head, sector head, and account manager. In 2006 he was appointed Vice President Philips Research. Prof. Dr. Jonker has served European ICT research in various ways amongst others as project leader, reviewer, and advisor.

Sustainable cities in Europe

Prof. Willem Jonker (CEO EIT Digital)


Eng. Francesco Mazzola

President and CEO of , of which he is also the founder and majority shareholder. He leads the company in the path of innovation and support to companies in technological and digital transformation.

He is a senior member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), IEEE Intelligent Transportation Society and Comsoc. He is also Architecture Leader in the IEEE Smart Cities Working Group. In IEEE he published some pieces on the topic.

After starting’s IOT Business division in 2015, focused on building the Middleware Infrastructure and developing the Software Defined Radioto allow IoT sensors to communicate efficiently in Smart Road and Smart City contexts. 

He has a degree in Electronic Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano and has attended numerous post-graduate masters.

Infrastructure Cybesecurity for Smart Cities

Ing. Mazzola (IEEE Smart Cities Working Group)


Law. Marcello Trabucchi – SZA

Data Protecion Officer in, Marcello specialises in compliance, with a particular focus on the administrative liability of bodies and companies, data protection and health and safety in the workplace.

He advises on the preparation and up-dating of organisation, management and control models pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01 for companies operating in a wide variety of industries (local public transport, electric energy and natural gas trading, water management, staff leasing, life sciences, integrated logistics services).

Marcello assists domestic and multinational companies in matters relating to complex data protection assessment projects, compliance with current and changing regulations. 

He is a member of the Supervisory Body and has been appointed DPO of leading companies.

He graduated from Università Cattolica, Milan in 1999 and was admitted to Milan Bar in 2004.

GDPR and Data Protection the role of the DPO in Smart Cities

Avv. Marcello Trabucchi (SZA Associati)


Eng. Joel Myers

CEO, DOMILA Limited, Dublin, Republic of Ireland; Chair of Smart Cities for the IEEE IoT Initiative;  Chair of the IEEE IoT Global Cities Alliance;  Chair of IEEE SA Smart Cities Standards and Best Practices

Joel Myers is an IT engineer, entrepreneur and leading international technologist, specialising in the creation and development of innovation technology solutions in Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Smart Cities, working internationally with state and local governments (Italy, UK, USA and Mexico), universities (including Harvard, UCLA, University of Virginia, Polytecnico di Milano, Universidad de Guadalajara) and industry (including a partnership with Google Inc., Mountainview, CA).

As Chair of IEEE IoT Initiative for Smart Cities, Joel Myers has been focusing his working group on the redefinition of the digital transformation of urban environments from a truly “People-Centric” focal point. This new approach was reflected in the past 2 years of smart city sessions, speakers and panellists at the IEEE World Forum on IoT.

The work carried out by Joel Myers has been published in international newspapers and journals such as the BBC, New York Times, Hong Times, the Hindu Times, Wired, and Forbes Magazine.

IEEE’s Global Smart City Initiatives

Ing. Joel Myers (Chair of the IEEE Global Cities Alliance)


Eng. Victor M. Larios

Smart City Leader for Guadalajara; Director of the Smart Cities Innovation Center at the University of Guadalajara;  Full Professor at the Information Systems Department, University of Guadalajara

Victor M. Larios followed a higher education degree program at the ITESO University in Mexico (B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering), graduating in 1996. In 1997 he received a M.Sc. at the Université de Technologie de Compiègne in France, and then went onto get a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering in 2001. Since 2004, has been a Full Professor at the Information Systems Department at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico.

Since 2013, he has led the “Guadalajara Core City” in the IEEE Smart Cities Initiative. Dr. Victor M. Larios is also a guest editor at the IEEE IoT Magazine and has been the IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), 2020 general co-chair.

Since July 2019 he has been working together with Joel Myers, Chair of IEEE IoT Initiative for Smart Cities, to develop the “Internet of People” (IoP).

Smart Cities in Practice: Mexico

Ing. Victor Larios (Director of the Smart Cities Innovation Centre at the University of Guadalajara)


Prof. Mario Bolognari

Full professor of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Messina until 2020, he has been Mayor of Taormina since 2018.

He has been a parliamentarian and has held various public positions over the years.

He is the author of over 140 publications and continues to carry out scientific activities in the ethno-anthropological sector

Smart Cities in Practice: Taormina

Mario Bolognari – Sindaco di Taormina


PhD. Alessandro Besana IoT Marketing Manager.

He has a solid experience in industrial marketing whit a long experience in Italian and multinational companies where he  developed and managed Marketing office supporting new markets and products development and go to market activities. In he is responsible for Smart City, Smart Road and Industry 4.0 projects.

Graduated in Business Administration from Bocconi University in 2001 with a specialization in Marketing and new products development. 

The Smart City Block Uncovered

Dr. Alessandro Besana (