Network Operation Center

A cutting-edge network to grow your business

Resilience and Continuity

The Network Operation Center (NOC) is the ideal solution for your company that guarantees continuity of access to your corporate networks in the event of a Data Breach.

This guarantees maximum network resilience and at the same time the security and availability of corporate data.

The union that is strength

The Network Operation Center is a control center that allows remote monitoring and control of one or more infrastructure networks through cloud computing or satellite. The NOC gives the user the possibility to monitor the progress of the network and thwart any attempted intrusion.


Fade up of both infrastructures, but also of experts specialized in Cybersecurity, which allows you to monitor the progress of the entire infrastructure H24 and act in case of criticality.


NOC services are used by companies, public bodies, universities and government agencies to monitor their reference networks.

Our specialists are at the forefront in monitoring one or more networks of your company and to ensure continuity, even in the event that a network node is not available.

What does the NOC include

Our Network Monitoring solutions, delivered through PRTG and CACTI platforms, allow our customers to have:


  • Business Continuity Monitoring
  • Collection and Analysis of Network Performance
  • Advanced reporting
  • Automatic notifications in case of network faults, for an automated and timely intervention and immediate restoration of services

The Live System Monitoring solution, based on Zabbix software, allows you to instantly intercept and notify application crashes and abnormal use of resources allocated on physical or virtual servers in a single management platform.

The Log Management solution proposed by, based on the Elastic Search open source engine, allows centralized management of the messages generated by your network infrastructure. The features of this tool allow the interpretation and processing of logs, as well as the creation of ad-hoc dashboards and alerts.

The IPAM (IP address Management) is a tool used for the census of IP addresses in use. Thanks to this tool, you have, at a glance, a view of the occupation and division of your networks, with a significant simplification of the deployment processes of new nodes within the IT infrastructure.


There are many tools, applications, and utilities available that can help you protect your networks from unnecessary attacks and downtime. offers a range of network security solutions that centralize and simplify what are often complex processes and ensure robust network security throughout the company: ask for advice.

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