Client: Giardini Naxos (ME) Municipality

It is a Public Administration, a renowned town adjacent to the village of Taormina.


The Municipality of Giardini Naxos asked for a complete solution system that could satisfy connectivity, security, IP telephony and video surveillance. An integrated all-inclusive network. All public administrations, in fact, are required to follow some guidelines regarding unified communications, territorial monitoring and technological advances which must however be carried out within well-defined budgets. Choosing the right partner is therefore essential.


The integrated network that has created has allowed the Municipality of Giardini Naxos to break down the digital divide between citizens who have finally been able to enjoy the connection in every corner of the town. With the “Naxos Wi-fi area”, in fact, the wi-fi internet coverage was extended to the areas further away from the center. A real e-inclusion project born from the encounter between the administration’s ability to interpret the new needs of citizens and the consolidated experience of In particular, the project carried out for the city administration includes:


Internet and intranet in public places has networked the most important places in the city with each other: the Town Hall headquarters (star center of the network), 5 branch offices, 6 schools, the museum, the library and the city cemetery. These places have finally been able to enjoy internet connectivity, intranet and internal and external VoIP. A single network but different technologies. In fact, 15 ISDN and PSTN lines, 1 SHDSL connection and 12 ADSL connections were used. Network protection was ensured by clustered firewall systems implemented in the head office.


The video surveillance system

The project was also enriched by the installation of an IP video surveillance system, which today allows the Municipality to monitor the North and South accesses of the city and various critical points near the waterways and streams of the territory, subject to becoming illegal micro-landfills. Through high-sensitivity and definition cameras, active day and night, and wireless links, the customer can view images remotely, even through mobile devices.


The customer was able to enjoy 80% savings on telephone costs thanks to the VoIP service; the ability to access mail and Internet services from any location in a simple and intuitive way was provided. Personalized assistance and support were guaranteed with real-time monitoring of the equipment and insertion of the Municipality network within the NOC (Network Operations Center); the internet network has seen its performance improved by at least 100% in all offices and by 300% as regards the wireless network. A more reliable system was provided, thanks to integrated solutions and latest generation switches.