Equip the University of Enna with a Cisco switchboard with management of the 170 telephones present and related advanced Collaboration licenses, which allows you to easily instantiate video conferences from PC, Telephone and Meeting Rooms, any Cisco Video Collaboration Room, Wireless Lan Controller for advanced management of the University Access Point NETWORK, Cisco ASA Firewall


The project envisaged the migration of the customer’s Call Manager with an upgrade to the latest generation version. Thanks to the partnership with Cisco, a hardware and software infrastructure has been provided that has transformed the way of working through an integrated communication experience between all devices, with voice services Enterprise Class, Video, Mobility, Messaging, Instant Messaging & Presence , Conferencing, Contact Center. The advanced Cisco Business Edition 6000 platform made available to the University is an “all-in-one” solution based on an architecture that allows, in an extremely simple way, to create and manage advanced communications implementations scalable from 25 to 1000 users , thus adapting to the changing needs of the University. In addition, a conceptual and architectural transformation was also developed for the institution in order to radically simplify installations, optimizing virtualization processes, with the implementation of a Flex Pod solution consisting of UCS (Unified Computing Systems) Server in Cluster , Cisco Switch Nexus and a High Availability controller for storage.


In May 2016, therefore carried out the upgrade of the telephone system for the University of Enna to move to a complete and integrated communication system that offers among the main features: VoIP, Unified Communications, simplified development and management, interoperability, scalability and high reliability. Furthermore, with the calculation platform supplied based on CISCO UCS, further infrastructural advantages have been added, such as the reduction of cabling works, the simplification of the design and expansion of installations, the management of environments, etc. The University was therefore able to enjoy a state-of-the-art Data Center, able to guarantee continuous availability of systems, access to content from any remote location and rapid and fluid responses to support the continuous evolution of possible needs.