CAV S.p.A. had the need to renew the domain’s voice system with the transition to VoIP technology, in order to optimize processes, make the activities and operations that every day engage the Control Center and the access points of one of the busiest motorways in ‘Italy.

OUR WORK has developed a complete solution for improving the management of telephone communications, based on CISCO technology by creating a general VoIP telephony system serving the CAV domain of a unified type, i.e. with native support for all potentially usable and integrable communication technologies, from video call to smartphone holder. Through the use of latest generation hardware and software and in line with the highest quality and technological standards, the architecture made available to the customer has provided for a single telephone exchange based on virtualized servers with guaranteed redundancy level, a software platform with relative licenses for the telephone exchange for the management, monitoring, diagnostics and implementation of all the functions provided for the VoIP system, of the media gateways for interconnection to public telephone exchanges, of the telephone terminals evolved in wired VoIP technology (wired) and wireless (wireless), with related Access Point infrastructure, IP video intercom terminals configured in order to manage the interaction with some types of telephone terminals also in order to command the opening of the gates and finally a system of recording of audio and video calls consisting of software platform and related licenses n or NAS (Network Attached Storage) hardware for archiving the recordings themselves.


In 2016, delivered an innovative and efficient communication system to CAV, based on a centralized logic that allows you to manage the voice of the entire motorway network with a single “all-in-one” solution. This has led to a reduction in costs for the customer, to a better and simpler functionality of the system, to an excellent quality of communication, even in wi-fi. Furthermore, the use of redundant hardware and software components, algorithms and protocols for monitoring the activity of the individual nodes and the analysis of the information flow has made it possible to offer very high guarantees of operation.