Provide the branch offices of the University of Palermo with a connectivity service suited to the needs in terms of efficiency and reliability and despite the structural difficulties.

OUR WORK has equipped the Faculties of Engineering and Medicine and Surgery of the University of Palermo, located in the territory of Caltanissetta, with a system based on wireless technology (5Ghz) with Radio Antennas in Hiperlan technology (HIgh PErformance Radio LAN) which has allowed the release of a highly performing connectivity, with direct delivery to the Data Center at the MIX in Via Caldera in Milan. The connectivity provided to the branch offices of the University of the Sicilian capital is in symmetrical L2 band, thus allowing direct connection to the Italian Internet hub, without passing through other regional hubs. This is the strength of the network and which therefore distinguishes itself from the networks of other operators, focusing on important needs such as those of the Public Administration.


Since March 2017, in territories where cable coverage could not be guaranteed with high performance, but which for obvious reasons needed optimal coverage given the academic-institutional uses of the customer, has brought its uncompromising connectivity services of efficiency, through the Hiperlan solution, providing a connectivity service of exceptional reliability and quality, with compact and powerful devices that work both in Point-MultiPoint mode and as an Access Point.