Smart Industry

A smarter and more efficient management of factory productivity

What is Smart Industry

The industrial world is changing in a trend that goes by a variety of names including Smart Industry, Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT), and intelligent manufacturing. This trend is driving a fundamental shift in the way factories and workplaces function, making them safer, more efficient, flexible and sustainable. Consequently, reducing their energy consumption can play an important role in sustainability.


Machines are evolving to be aware of the humans around them and to provide new interfaces such as smart tools, augmented reality, and touchless interfaces for easier and safer interactions. They are also connected within the factory and to the cloud, allowing for optimal planning and flexibility in production and maintenance.

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Prescription & Prediction Mantainance

Prescriptive maintenance is the asset maintenance strategy that uses machine learning to adjust operating conditions for desired results.


Predictive maintenance is a strategy that uses monitoring tools to detect various signs of equipment deterioration, anomalies and performance issues.

The Intelligent Network: Fast and Reliable

The intelligent network, also called “Tactile Internet” is an internet network characterized by:

This cloud computing proximity-based technology (Mobile Edge-Cloud) adds a new dimension to human-machine interaction by providing low latency enough to build real-time interactive systems, such as for sensory and tactile controls.

Smile Project

Smile (Smart Monitoring IoT Learning Ecosystem) is an innovative ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) research and development project focused on the “Intelligent Factory”, capable of significantly improving and making production processes highly efficient, safe and sustainable through a Cloud platform.

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