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Cybersecurity: what purpose do ransomware hide?

Also this week on the blog of T.net we deepen the topic of Cybersecurity.

We wonder today what are the causes that lead and move users of the network to carry out Cyber ​​attacks and above all what is the criterion in the choice of targets to hit.

A big part of motivations resides in matters of an economic nature. The attack infects the devices and, in exchange for the release and the return to normal operation, asks for a ransom

Equally incident is the component of industrial espionage that can derive directly or indirectly from the competition (market, political or otherwise).

In the end, the attacks that derive from ideological motivations and arise in symbolic and demonstrative actions by organizations born and developed in the anonymity of the network.

There are four important reasons that led to the birth and expansion of ransomware, which can be summarized as follows:

  • The dependence of business processes on IT devices that often, as is easily predictable, do not leave a solution other than payment for those affected. In particular, a well-planned ransomware can have maximum and immediate effectiveness if it is launched near deadlines that are fundamental for a company. Faced with a situation that could cause enormous damage to your business, giving in to blackmail appears to be the easiest and fastest solution even if it must be censored.
  • Computer payment systems guarantee an anonymity that was impossible to secure with old offline systems. For example, we’re talking about Bitcoin and the world itself that develops behind that makes it impossible to trace the parties involved directly.
  • Programming, launching and managing a cyber attack does not require any particular IT skills thanks to the so-called information ecosystem that makes the means to obtain information and acquire minimum skills available to a sufficiently curious user, but already sufficient for the purpose.
  • Finally, an extremely important factor is characterized by an inadequate reporting of such phenomena to the authorities that control and act to limit its expansion.

A person hit by a cyber attack that chooses payment as a “faster” way, often times does not report what happened to those in duty, fearing personal repercussions. If the supervisory bodies do not receive much information, they will have little knowledge of the phenomenon and fewer solutions to prevent or eradicate it.

Protecting your business is a non-negligible duty to stay safe today and not have to worry about tomorrow.

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