[WEBINAR]”GDPR, First GDPR sanctions. How to address the problem?”

8 months after the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation the first cases of sanctions for data breach appeared. The violation is concretely punished as expected as the rules need to be observed both in terms of European and corporate policies but also when it comes to the implementation and technological processes.

Fines can vary from a few thousand euros to heavy and considerable sums. Taking a look at some tangible cases (source: Agenda Digitale), we can see fines that range from 4000 euros to 400.000 euros to public and private structures for serious lacks in the field of data security.

T.net S.p.A. – thanks to its experience in the field of security – organizes the webinar “GDPR, “First GDPR sanctions. How to address the problem?” on January 24th from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm. The webinar will be held by T.net CEO, Francesco Mazzola and the COO, Alessandro Raciti.

The aim of this meeting is to provide the public and private companies of any size with the necessary update on the sanctions which have already been issued all over Europe. They will give an overview of the risks and solutions from a legal and technical point of view in order to comply with the regulation and pass any inspection.

Join our free webinar and register from this link: https://gdpr-primesanzioni.eventbrite.it