Provide a high-reliability Internet access service in optical fiber with guaranteed and symmetrical 50 Mbps speeds with IP addressing reserved for the needs of the Postal Police and Communications Service, together with monitoring and reporting of the performance of the service.

OUR WORK has created an architecture for the Department of Public Security of the Ministry of the Interior in order to deliver circuits with pure fiber optic connectivity at the customer’s premises, preparing the physical lines / ducts necessary for the creation of the individual connections, managing and monitoring the performance of the lines and equipment supplied, transporting the data packets not on a shared network, as in common networks, but on dedicated VLANs with direct delivery to the Camelot Room of the Milan MIX in via Caldera, guaranteeing unparalleled security. The strong point of the connection put at the service of a prestigious customer with important needs such as those of the Ministry is the special L2 type network, different from the networks of other operators, and specially designed for the needs of business customers. In fact, the infrastructure connects companies and PAs in each city directly to the Italian internet hub of the MIX in Milan, without passing through the various regional hubs. This allows navigation up to ten times faster than traditional connections, with very low latency and without bandwidth loss.
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From May 2015 to July 2019, provided the institution with a reliable, fast and secure connection in pure optical fiber with reserved IP addressing, speeds of 100Mbps / 100Mbps and guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 50Mbps. The service provided was of the Managed type, i.e. constantly monitored and with proactive opening of failure reports in the event of connection failures, with 24-hour assistance.