Create a technological infrastructure for the creation of a wireless network between the main office and the various branches of the University of Foggia, geographically close to each other and which shared the same operational, administrative and management problems, but which did not have the possibility a data connection with guaranteed broadband.


The project implemented for the University of Foggia saw the creation of an infrastructure by based on thirteen Hiperlan radio links (HIgh PErformance Radio LAN) which allowed the connection between all the universities located in different locations in the area. The hardware and software structures provided to the institution have allowed the provision of reliable, safe and high-performance Wireless interconnection services, able to withstand the high operational stress caused by a large user, such as that of the University, and to more serious hacking attacks. This is also aimed at simplifying relations and communications between the interconnected offices of the University, by creating a single shared and accessible database, through specific security protocols. Furthermore, the network has been equipped with an adequate management system, capable of managing and configuring each single node in a centralized manner, analyzing the network, monitoring traffic, etc.


In June 2008, through the Hiperlan wireless system, a single tool was provided to the body, which can be used by all offices in order to reach:


  • Improvement of communications between offices (Data, VoIP, etc);
  • Redundancy of transmission channels (wireless, internet);
  • Optimization of the available bandwidth;
  • Secure connectivity


Extreme importance was dedicated to security features, based on data encryption, in order to prevent unauthorized access and protection from outside the network.