T.net CEO Francesco Mazzola at IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things in Ireland

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest technical professional organization, is bringing the 5th IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT 2019) to the Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering, University Of Limerick, Ireland on April 15-18, 2019. The theme for the forum is “IoT and the Digital Revolution” – and the focus is on the disruptive impact of IoT and IoT Technologies on the realm of goods and products, services and widely used processes that cut across industry, government, and the lives of individual consumers. For four action packed days, WF-IoT 2019 delivers a diverse lineup of thought leaders, practitioners, and participants from around the world to bring different perspective, experience, expertise, to each of the conference sessions in a highly interactive format.

As Senior Member at IEEE and Architecture Leader in the IEEE Smart Cities Working Group, T.net CEO Francesco Mazzola attends the World Forum in Ireland. Mazzola will do a talk on “Smart Cities: IoT & Digital Revolution”, on monday 15th at 16:30, and he will do a talk on “The Internet of Things for Intelligent Transportation Systems in Real Smart Cities Scenarios” on tuesday 16th at 16:30.

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