Smart Workers in action.

Smart Working: work comfortably in the Cloud

Bill 2233, approved on 10 May 2017, marks the beginning of the Agile or Intelligent Work era.

The new methodologies, techniques and types of professional activities have made the world of work align itself and inevitably adapt to change, leading to the creation of new figures and, consequently, to the disappearance of others.

The advantages that the Agile Work brings with it are clearly superior to the disadvantages: for the worker it will be possible to organize his/her day (starting from the physical place of work) and optimize their productivity to the maximum, marking them during the day depending on the desired intervals/time bands. The risk is obviously to run into excessively long working days, in the event of poor commitment, poor organization and failure to meet deadlines.

For the company, however, the only obstacle (in some cases unsurpassable) is represented by the need for the physical presence of the employee in the workplace. In fact, it is easy to imagine how the Agile Work may not interest workers and technicians directly involved in the field or daily handling of machinery useful for the production of the company.

On the other hand, there are many advantages from the point of view of cost reduction (physical location) and, a fundamental factor for every company, the productivity and well-being of its employees. An employee who is free to organize his work as he wishes is undoubtedly happier and more productive.


We are talking about the so-called Knowledge workers: professionals who rely on on-demand and mobile tools based mainly on Cloud Technology. This is where the crucial importance of Cloud Computing comes into play for every entrepreneur who cares about the efficiency of their staff.

The Agile Work, therefore, requires continuous availability and from everywhere company resources (data and infrastructure), in one word: Cloud.

Working on Cloud includes important factors:

  • Scalability of the Business

Cloud services perfectly follow the business trend, adapting and adhering to needs and evolutions that a professional reality faces over time.

  • Cost reduction

Entrusting maintenance and management of the infrastructure to third parties involves a substantial reduction of the costs that a company faces when it has to deal with it in person.

  • Absolute and total availability of data

Data is accessible at any time and from anywhere.

  • Cybersecurity and Data Security

It is necessary to rely on a Cloud Service that gives absolute guarantees on security and data protection, having to do with professional and highly critical data.

Today more than ever, the Cloud represents the future, a Future that quickly turns into a Present. Being ahead of the times is a sign of foresight, predisposition to change and promptness, qualities essential for companies that want to grow and improve. Italia S.p.A. boasts a Team of Cloud Specialists, with an offer of Cloud Services that are ideal for every type of request and need.


Discover the strength of the Cloud on and make your business intelligent.