Blog.png Italia in the heart of Milan

The presence in the crucial points of the peninsula is of utmost importance in order to be able to garantee and better know the territory of competence and to provide the Customer with a high level service, always tailored to their needs.

The presence in the crucial points of the peninsula is of utmost importance for Italia.

Being able to supervise and know the territory of competence is the best way to provide the customer with a high level service and always tailored to their needs. This is why Italia S.p.A. it is now present in Milan, in Via Lepetit 8-10, inside the modern CityCentral building complex.

The Registered Office in the beating heart of the Italian Business Capital is the sign of the continuous growth that has accompanied in recent years. It is in addition to the Administrative Office and the Network Operating Center of Catania, the cradle of our Team of Cloud Specialists, in addition to the Operating Office of Palermo.

The Strength of Italia S.p.A. resides in the potentiality of the whole Team: the high preparation of Cloud Specialists in foreseeing and managing any inefficiency in time; the promptness and effectiveness of Customer Care in responding to the Client within 3 rings, to know how to listen to the needs and immediately to resolve them; the skill of the Technical and Commercial Area which, in collaboration, is able to produce the perfect service tailored to the Client’s request.

There are many companies that, relying on the solutions of Italy, have found growth in terms of efficiency and performance. The transition to the digital age is fundamental and a priority for every professional reality that wants to prepare for the future. It is necessary to align and maintain the same speed of change that surrounds us. The best way to do this is to do it in an intelligent way, relying on those who know how to accompany a company towards their future.

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